About Us


Historical Overview

In the fall of 2008 various sport groups in Delta who had been working together, along with the Delta Spirit of BC Committee, met to discuss the concept of a Sport Council and whether or not the type of pilot program outlined by 2010 Legacies Now could be pursued in Delta. This group decided to implement a planning process and to invite other community sport leaders to be involved. Participants in the planning process agreed to establish the Delta Sport Council.

Mission Statement:

The Delta Sport Council is dedicated to promoting physical activity in Delta that leads to better health for all Citizens.


The objective of the Delta Sport Council is to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among Delta sport organizations and other key organizations in order to:

• Advocate and promote the values and benefits of sport, recreational activity, and the “Canadian Sport for Life” and “Long Term Athlete Development” models.

• Create and maintain a website where Delta residents can find information about sports and recreation organizations in our community.

• Promote successful Delta athletes, coaches and sport administrators as role models for Delta youth.

Membership Criteria:

1. Maintain a head office or control within Delta.

2. At least 75% of the members are residents of Delta.

3. Membership in the group is open and available to any resident of the City.

4. Are primarily organized for the purposes of operating teams, leagues, events, or activities of a sporting or recreation nature.

5. Adhere to the operating principles of the Canadian Sport for Life and Long Term Athlete Development models.

Other Considerations

The Delta Sport Council will establish and maintain close working relationships with similar "lateral" sport organizations such as Delta Parks & Recreation, ViaSport, Sport BC, (now the BC Sport Agency), PacificSport, the Coaching Institute of B.C., Coaches Association of B.C., Ministry of Tourism (as it pertains to sport tourism), and sport councils in other locations in B.C.

Current Executive members are:

Barry Howard, President

George Windsor, Webmaster and Communications

Steve Krawchuk, Treasurer

Susan Nicholls, Secretary

Carlene Lewall, Director

Len Stroh, Director

Joy Fera, Director

Steve Erickson, Director

Delta Sport Council Initiatives Undertaken To Date:

Jan 31, 2013 – the first meeting of the Fraser Health Medical Officer, Delta Parks & Rec staff, and the Delta Sport Council to begin a partnership towards better long term health of Deltans

Dec 2012 – ViaSport presented to the Delta Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission on the CSFL model resulting in a call for action in Delta.

Nov 2012 – established contact with the Healthier Communities initiative of Fraser Health.

Sept and Oct, 2012 – public sessions were held to educate Deltans on the Canadian Sport for Life and Long Term Athlete Development models. Drew Mitchell from ViaSport was the Presenter.

April, 2012 approval from the Delta Parks, Recreation and Culture to adopt a “Sport or Life” mission with a subsequent approval from Delta Council in May 2012.

Meetings with all sport groups to educate them on the Canadian Sport for Life and Long Term Athlete Development models have been scheduled for September 26 and October 10, 2012 and the Parks & Recreation Department will develop programs with this methodology.

A Delta Sport Council website has been live since 2010 at www.deltasportcouncil.org Monthly newsletters have been sent to our e-mail distribution list of approximately 350 Annual Sport Summit sessions (free) since 2009 educating participants on topics including:

• Maximizing your Gaming Grants

• Board Governance

• Sourcing and selecting your Board of Directors

• The Canada Sport for Life Model

• How to attract and retain coaches

• Simplifying the Police Record Check process

A complimentary session in January, 2011 on Athlete Development and How to Overcome Athletic Plateaus (featuring Olympian Candace Murray)

A complimentary session in March, 2011 on Injury Prevention (Concussion focus) and Taping Techniques for Sport (featuring Travis Wolsey of Sungod Physio)

A complimentary seminar on the use of Social Media for Sport Groups, in June 2011 (featuring Jacquie McCarnan)

Send-offs for Delta Athletes attending the Canada, Western, and Provincial Winter and Summer Games

Administered the Kiwanis Athlete Award to Sam Clare, Sara McManus and Samantha